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The Start

Beginning of the race -
from the pace car

Finishline images
photos 1 - 150

race time <= 3:26:59

Finishline images
photos 151 - 300

race time <= 3:56:10

Finishline images
photos 301 - 450

race time <= 4:20:45

Finishline images
photos 451 - 600

race time <= 4:53:20
Finishline images
photos 601 - 750

race time <= 5:24:40
Finishline images
photos 751 - 905

race time <= 6:30:00

At the Roller Coaster
image 1-250

At the Roller Coaster
image 251-500

At the Roller Coaster
image 501-750
At the Roller Coaster
image 751 ++
Linda Carney
Rotary Celebrity Challenge

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Test of Metal 2015

Test of Metal
Squamish 2016

We tried hard to photograph everyone at
different locations (Start, Roller Coaster,
and Finish Line)
Still, once in a while, we missed a shot
for reasons we couldn't avoid
(like people crossing our line of view, riders
following each other very close, etc.).
But we are sure that we got your photo
at more than two locations, at least.
Please enjoy our gallery.

You can look up your result here.

Digital images are $15, tax included.
Take advantage of our special pricing:
If you order two images, it's $25 instead of $30,
if you order three or more it's $10 each.

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