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Entering Don Ross Field
After the first lap
In the woods
Crossing the Finish Line

Candid photos and awards

Ore Crusher
Squamish 2016

Due to the huge number of photos we took
we had to split the images
like you can see on the left.

All the images can be ordered
as digital files for $15.00 each
(tax included).

Special OreCrusher price:
3 images of the same individual
for just $35.

To order digital files please email the file names
of your chosen images (picture name is shown
on the upper left side of the grey thumbnail bar).

We will answer your email with the
detailed instruction how to pay
(PayPal or CreditCard).
The images are emailed to you as soon
as we have received the payment.

email:  studio@double-shutter.com

Double Shutter is a proud supporter of
A Hell Of A Series