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Ore Crusher 2014

To browse the photos, click on the large image
or choose a thumbnail.

High resolution digital images are
$15.00, tax included!

To order digital files, please email the file names
shown on the upper left side of the grey thumbnail bar
(example: MK-20140511-4711).
We will answer your email with detailed payment
instructions (PayPal or CreditCard) and the image
will be emailed to you as soon as we have
received the payment.

We also create high professional prints.
$10 for 4x6", $15 / 5x7", $20 / 8x10", tax included!
To order prints, please email the file names
with the quantity and size
(example: 2 prints 8x10 of MK-20140511-4711.
Larger sizes or specialty prints
are also available.
Add $5.00 for shipping or pick it up locally.


Double Shutter is a proud supporter of
A Hell Of A Series