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Here are some frequently asked
Passport Photo questions:

Do you take passport photos?
Yes, we do!

Do you take passport photos of small children?
We sure do passport photos for babies and little ones, three month and older.
And Double Shutter Images is pretty much the only one who is doing it in Squamish! Within our studio setting we work very patient with our little clients until we get it right.

Do I need an appointment?
We can be available with little notice.
We recommend phoning us to make a short term appointment. The passport session usually takes about 10-15 minutes.
want to do even passport photos professionally.

When should I have my passport photos taken?
You should have it taken well in advance of any scheduled trips. After your photo is taken and application submitted, it usually takes 2-6 weeks to receive your passport. You can apply up to 12 months after having your passport photos taken.

Will you sign my passport photos?
No, we cannot certify or sign your passport photos. You need a guarantor to sign your passport. To see a list of qualified guarantors, click here.
But you will get the required information (Photographer address and date the photo was taken) on the back of the photo prints.

I've heard about a new, easier way to get my passport.  What's the deal?
You heard about the Simplified Passport Renewal Process.  Click the link to see if you qualify!

Do you take Canadian Citizenship photos as well?
Yes, we do.

Do you take passport photos for citizens of countries other than Canada?
Yes we do!  If possible, please try to have your country's specifications handy. They are often part of the passport application.

How about visa photos?
We take those too. If possible, please try to have the specifications for your country of destination on hand. Visa photo requirements are usually less strict than passport photo requirements.

I just want to get a security photo for my workplace. Is that possible?
Yes, we will take it. Just let us know what size you need.

Firearms licenses? Handy-Dart ID photos? Permanent Resident cards?
Yes, we are doing all of them.

Do you print passport photos in black and white?
We no longer print passport photos in B&W. They are much more likely to be rejected. We want to do everything in our power to keep you from taking two trips to the passport office.

I've heard there are new regulations which don't permit smiling in Canadian passport photos. Is this true?
Yes, it is true. No smiling in your passport photos. This has something to do with facial recognition software.
If you love your smile (and you should) then we would love to offer you one of our portrait sessions where we will provide you with the most beautiful photos of your self or together with your loved ones.

What if my passport photo gets rejected?
If your passport photo is taken at Double Shutter Images, chances are it will not be rejected. We take much care in ensuring that your photos are within government standards. If for some reason your photos are rejected, we will retake them at no charge - just bring back the rejected ones. In other words, we have a 100% guarantee.

Can I wear a hat in my passport photo?
Hats or head coverings are not permitted except when worn for religious reasons and only if the full facial features are clearly visible. To see a list of photo specifications for Canadian passports, click here.

Why do passport photos look so ugly?
It's not you. We are only allowed to use unflattering direct light. The border authorities only care about identifying you, and they are usually the only people to see the photo, so you don't really have to worry.
But we know that you really like to have nice pictures, so why don't you set up a portrait session with us?

Where can I get even more information on passports?
Try the Canadian Government's passport website, at http://www.pptc.gc.ca/

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